I’ve been thinking a lot about how we experience change in our lives.

It’s not really surprising that it’s been on my mind after this past year. No matter how much we thought we might be insulated from change, I don’t know a single person who didn’t have their lives…

Almost 4.5 million new businesses launched in 2020, an unexpected surge of some 205,000 more applications for new startups than the previous year.

While exciting new trends indicate that some of these startups will thrive in the coming year, overall statistics remain daunting for how many of those startups will…

I’ve found myself revisiting the message of a recent tweet from Arlan Hamilton about giving herself permission to feel joy.

If you haven’t already heard of her or met her, Arlan is the dynamic, outspoken founder of a venture capital firm focused on funding startups founded by underestimated individuals of…

The next time you find yourself judging someone who is homeless for using an iPad or having a cell phone, ask yourself why you think being homeless should also mean being disconnected from everything else that was your life before becoming homeless. It costs nothing to treat others with dignity.

Someone recently asked me what the hardest part was about running a startup company.

I hardly knew where to begin. To say that building a startup is hard is like saying Mt. Everest is a difficult hike. Hard doesn’t begin to describe it.

And yet the startup journey is also…

I just finished reading Ashton Kutcher’s post on LinkedIn asking his readers a series of questions about gender equality.

First, let me say that I am really glad to see influential investors asking difficult questions about how to address the issues of gender equality and, more specifically, the disparity of…

Try growing an Uber on the lower investment levels given to women.

Actually, that is what women are trying to do.

Full Pitchbook report here on 2016 VC funding in US.

Women get 2% of venture funding while owning 38% of the businesses in the US, according to Harvard Business…

My great-grandparents, Cleve and Zelma Carder, lost almost everything they owned during the Dust Bowl years. After losing their homestead and ranch, they packed what they could into a Conestoga Wagon and made the trek from Northern New Mexico to find work picking cotton in the fields of Oklahoma.


New York Times Newsroom, 1942. via Creative Commons

One of the oldest and most protected institutions of our country is at a cross-roads. The role of a free press in holding accountable those in powerful positions remains as important as ever, but the industry’s ability to do so is getting more and more difficult.

According to Pew Research

My father’s beloved Molly, who refused to leave his side during his last days.

I well remember the sound of the crunching of gravel as two young men steadied the heavy gurney between them. I stood in the doorway with my mother and siblings, all of us holding hands, witnessing this last journey my father would make — down the walkway he’d poured, away…

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